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Peaceful Spa is one of the Best Body Massage and spa centers in South Delhi who are offering all health-related services at the same place. You can go into a spa in Delhi with all the soothing sauna and other therapeutic experiences with some beautiful music playing in the background to make you feel all the more good. You can get rid of any sort of toxins inside or on the outside of the body to feel better, happy and confident as it uplifts your mood and mind. There are huge varieties: beauty, detoxification, day spas, health , etc. One such hub that is inclusive of all these is Peaceful Spa where our professional therapists help you to experience a soothing session filled with enjoyment and relaxation.

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Since the ancient era, what has been prevalent is the need to feel good about oneself and get rid of all the stress that we have in our day to day lives. With all sorts of deadlines dancing around in our mind, we often feel frustrated and agitated. Some people try to get into other forms of relaxations like music and sports whereas some prefer to get themselves a mini-vacation in form of massage therapy at home or the best spa centre like that of our Peaceful Spa wherein the professional masseuses try and give you a therapeutic experience of different massages and techniques that will leave you with a sigh of happiness. These techniques are loaded with a heap of benefits like improved blood circulation, improves the immune system and mental health. Your mind feels so light that you forget your worries for that very moment in life.

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  • 60 MIN. RS. 2500.00
  • 90 MIN. RS. 3000.00

  • 60 MIN. RS. 2500.00
  • 90 MIN. RS. 3000.00

  • 60 MIN. RS. 2500.00
  • 90 MIN. RS. 3000.00
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